COVID-19 Medical Resource Demand Dashboard - Virginia

COVID-19 Medical Resource Demand Dashboard - Virginia: In an effort to support the planning and response efforts for the recent Coronavirus outbreak, NSSAC researchers have prepared a visualization tool that couples epidemic simulations produced by NSSAC with hospital resource counts to project when different Virginia Hospital Preparedness Program (VA HPP) regions (also called Virginia Healthcare Alerting & Status System - VHASS - regions) might hit the crisis stage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It should be stressed that our tool shows projections, not forecasts. Projections are simulations that allow researchers to explore or describe how epidemic trends may behave over time depending on different conditions or the application of interventions.

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COVID-19 Response Dashboard

  The COVID-19 Surveillance Dashboard provides a visualization of COVID-19 cases, recoveries, and deaths across the globe.

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COVID-19 Cases and Clusters Outside of China Dashboard


The COVID-19 Cases and Clusters Outside of China Dashboard allows users to view a detailed breakdown of infected populations outside of China in order to study how infections are distributed based on age, where cases have been imported from, whether the cases are imported or community-spread, and other filterable options.

We have curated data from multiple sources to support these dashboards; these collated datasets can be used to extend global and detailed perspectives of the confirmed cases.

We have also looked at international importation risk based on air travel, estimating the impact of airport suspensions in delaying case emergence; a new dashboard application is under development which will allow users to explore the impact of applying social interventions to air travel.


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