UVA and COVID-19 In The News

Hospital beds at UVA stable with students returning to Grounds - CBS19 6 Sept 20

Model Predicts 187K Total Coronavirus Cases In Virginia By Thanksgiving - 31 Aug 20

US Campuses try chiding and suspending students to stay open - Times Higher Education 25 Aug 20

Coronavirus in DC, Maryland, Virginia: What to Know on Aug. 18 - NBC Washington 18 Aug 20

Learning in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Researchers, Clinicians Weigh In - UVA Today 14 Aug 20

UVA modelers forecast COVID-19 cases to peak end of September at more than double the current weekly rate - The Roanoke Times 14 Aug 20

UVA Biocomplexity Institute tries to solve puzzle of projecting global pandemic - S&P Global Market Intelligence 4 Aug 20

Some economic activity in Virginia nearly back to prepandemic levels, according to cellphone data study - Washington Business Journal 3 Aug 20

UVA researchers say state has avoided more than 800,000 additional COVID-19 cases but majority 'still vulnerable to infection' - Richmond Times-Dispatch 31 July 20

UVA COVID-19 modeling predicts steep spike in virus cases in September - NBC29 28 July 20

Northam warns of restrictions as COVID-19 cases near previous peak - The Roanoke Times 27 July 20

Some Virginia's health districts are seeing a surge in COVID-19, sounding the alarm for public health experts - Virginia Mercury 27 July 20 

Researchers Present Algorithm that may Predict the Covid-19 Pandemic's Immediate Future - Yahoo! News 7 July 20

COVID-19 Drives the Need for SuperComputing Resources in Research - HPC Wire 6 July 20

Can an Algorithm Predict the Pandemic's Next Moves? - The New York Times 2 July 20

COVID-19 Cases in Virginia Remain Stable - Alexandria Living Magazine 1 July 20

COVID-19 CHHS Webinar Series: Rural Populations and Infectious Disease Transmission: Implications for COVID-19 - College of Health and Human Services, GMU 24 June 20

Virginia's COVID metrics are trending down. Here's why the state isn't reopening faster - Virginia Mercury 22 June 20

COVID-19 cases could rise as Virginians move toward Phase 3 reopening - The Roanoke Times 19 June 20

As temps soar this summer, here are some useful tips for wearing a mask and trying to stay cool - AccuWeather 18 June 20 

Flattening the curve with Dr. Bryan Lewis and Dr. Srinivasan Venkatramanan - Mini Med Podcast 17 June 20

Coronavirus crisis is now 2nd-worst pandemic in US history - AccuWeather 17 June 20

UPDATE: Fauquier County records five new cases Wednesday morning, for total of 398 - Fauquier Times 17 June 20

UVA doctors and students launch 12-part COVID-19 podcast series - 17 June 20

UVA medical students, physicians, develop COVID-19 podcast - CBS19 News 17 June 20

UVA to Lead Study of How Big Data Can Battle Future Pandemics - 1 June 20

UPDATE: UVA model predicts a more optimistic COVID-19 scenario going forward if rebound is mild and case detection improves - Fauquier Times 30 May 20

Virginia could peak at more than 5,000 new COVID-19 cases a day this summer, UVA model projects - Richmond-Times Dispatch 28 May 20

Indian IT helps global healthcare firms fight Covid-19 - Economic Times 27 May 20

Low- and middle-income countries face up to COVID-19 - Nature Medicine 21 May 20

Models Predict Uptick in Cases as Virginia Reopens - 21 May 20 

Infectious disease models aren't crystal balls but are useful tools in Florida's fight against COVID-19, modelers say - Naples Daily News 21 May 20

Google helps governments, hospitals, schools and companies against COVID-19 - 19 May 20

The contact tracing debate: Do we need to sacrifice personal data privacy to get back to business? - Silicon Angle 19 May 20

Towards Pandemic-proof Cities - Direct Industry E-magazine 19 May 20

Geographic information is crucial to modern healthcare - Geospatial World 18 May 20

U.S. researchers map COVID-19 cases to predict future needs - US Embassy in Georgia 15 May 20

The Software That's Powering All the Coronavirus Dashboards - Bloomberg Businessweek 12 May 20

UVA researchers collaborate, report progress in the fight against COVID-19 - NBC29 11 May 20

Outlook into the Worldwide Digital Twin Industry to 2035 - Business Wire 8 May 20

Stanford crowdsourcing collects county-level social-distancing data - The Perry News 6 May 20

The Tricky Math Behind Coronavirus Death Predictions - The Wall Street Journal 5 May 20

Inside the Numbers: COVID-19 hitting Virginia seniors hardest - Augusta Free Press 4 May 20

Virginia holding drive-through testing in Giles County - Bluefield Daily Telegraph 3 May 20

How COVID-19's US fatalities compare to America's worst flu seasons - AccuWeather 1 May 20

How prepared are we for the next pandemic? - 30 Apr 20

Lifeline: Nurses, doctors and staff at local hospitals prepare for COVID-19 long haul - Charlottesville Tomorrow 30 Apr 20

'We're saving lives': Science says social distancing is working against COVID-19 - Delmarva Now 29 Apr 20

A record-setting flu season's end doesn't ease COVID-19 worries - AccuWeather 28 Apr 20

Mapping the curve: How GIS is helping the Covid-19 response - Geographical 27 Apr 20

Will COVID-19 Intensify the Fault Lines of India's Already Unequal Society? - The Wire 27 Apr 20

Coronavirus cases in Virginia rise to 12,970 on Sunday - WHSV 26 Apr 20

COVID-19, by the numbers - The Roanoke Times 25 Apr 20

University creates new committee tasked with providing recommendations on the fall 2020 semester - The Cavalier Daily 24 Apr 20

Crowdsourcing site seeks to predict efficacy of social distancing - The Stanford Daily 23 Apr 20

UVA and RAND Corporation unveil impact modeling of COVID-19 data - Henry County Enterprise 23 Apr 20

Everything You Need to Know About Your Smartphone's New COVID-19 Tracker - UVA Today 22 Apr 20 

COVID-19 testing, the key to lifting public restrictions, stalls in Virginia - The Daily Progress 18 Apr 20

Editorial: Are we there yet? No. - The Roanoke Times 16 Apr 20

5 burning questions about tech efforts to track Covid-19 cases - STAT 15 Apr 20

Restrictions have helped Virginia, but COVID-19 rates will spike if they're relaxed too soon, researchers say - The Roanoke Times 14 Apr 20

Coronavirus updates: 6,171 confirmed cases of COVID-19; Virginia's pandemic peak will happen in late summer, UVA model says - 8News 14 Apr 20

Fresh Markets Tells Shoppers to Wear Masks - Alexandria Living 14 Apr 20

Coronavirus Modeling Provides Mixed Bag of Data for Virginia - US News & World Report 13 Apr 20

COVID-19 Cases Could Peak as Late as August in Northern Virginia, UVA Model Finds - WAMU 13 Apr 20 

Bicomplexity Institute Researchers Develop COVID-19 Projection Model for Virginia - UVA Today 13 Apr 20

UVA researchers project mid-August peak for new COVID-19 cases in Virginia - Richmond Times-Dispatch 13 Apr 20

Northam introduces new Virginia-specific COVID-19 model from UVA - Richmond Times-Dispatch 13 Apr 20

New Model Shows Virginia COVID-19 Surge in Summer if Restrictions Lifted Too Soon - NBC Washington 13 Apr 20

Virginia could see COVID-19 peak in next few weeks; New models show another wave could hit this summer - NBC12 13 Apr 20

Stanford crowdsourcing site collects county-level policy data to inform decisions about easing social-distancing - Stanford News 13 Apr 20

Gov. Northam talks Virginia-specific modeling, nursing homes, non-essential businesses - WHSV 13 Apr 20

Northam: UVA model shows social distancing is working, Virginia still doesn't have enough supplies to fight outbreak - WAVY 13 Apr 20

Easing stay-at-home order could result in mid-summer COVID-19 peak: UVA projection - Inside NoVA 13 Apr 20

UVA's coronavirus model projects Virginia will have enough hospital capacity in next few months - The Virginian Pilot 13 Apr 20

New models to show when COVID-19 might peak in Virginia - WTVR 13 Apr 20

Crowdsourcing site collects county-level policy data to inform decisions about easing social-distancing - Medical Xpress 13 Apr 20

Researchers Simulate COVID-19 Interventions on PSC's Bridges Supercomputing Platform - HPC Wire 13 Apr 20

Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Persistent Systems bring tech tools to Covid-19 battle - The Economic Times 9 Apr 20

Can Urban and Rural Americans Get on the Same Page About COVID-19? - Greater Good 8 Apr 20

After 9/11, we gave up privacy for security. Will we make the same trade-off after COVID-19? - STAT 8 Apr 20

Social distancing plays a role in flu-like illness activity in the US - AccuWeather 3 Apr 20

Can a smartphone app help us turn the coronavirus corner and go outside again? - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 2 Apr 20

Is the US ready for how the coronavirus may impact the next flu season? - AccuWeather 1 Apr 20

Digital coronavirus maps helping public understand the pandemic better - TechRepublic 31 Mar 20

5 ways maps can help communities respond to COVID-19 - 31 Mar 20

Virginia Coronavirus Stats Only Capture 'Tip of the Iceberg' - VPM NPR News 31 Mar 20

Coronavirus: Densely-packed areas in cities are vulnerable, says biocomplexity expert Madhav Marathe - The Hindu 29 Mar 20

ICMR Study Suggests Its Testing Strategy Was Flawed, Airport Screening a Miss - The Wire: Science 28 Mar 20

Influenza-like activity soars again during historic flu season amid escalating pandemic - AccuWeather 27 Mar 20

Biocomplexity Institute wins $10M Grant to Thwart Future Pandemics - UVA Today 26 Mar 20

UVA Biocomplexity Institute receives big grant - CBS19 26 Mar 20

The new coronavirus has caused unprecedented flu-like activity in the US - AccuWeather 25 Mar 20

Modeling the Spread of Epidemics - The Pragati Podcast 25 Mar 20

Digital Twins of Cities Simulate Coronavirus Public Policy Impacts - Enterprise AI 25 Mar 20

AI Platform Aims to Help Policy Makers Calibrate Virus Response - Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 20

What infection rates in Iceland and Australia may reveal about how COVID-19 could spread in the US - AccuWeather 24 Mar 20

Why some say they're comfortable exercising outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic - AccuWeather 24 Mar 20

Virginia health officials say they can test 1,000 people for COVID-19. Experts say that's nowhere near enough. - Prince William Times 21 Mar 20

COVID-19 disruptions could last for months, researcher tells AccuWeather - AccuWeather 21 Mar 20

The impact of the new coronavirus could lead to the longest flu season in decades - AccuWeather 20 Mar 20

Brazil's densely packed favelas brace for coronovirus: 'It will kill a lot of people.' - Washington Post 20 Mar 20

Daily Coronavirus Briefing: Global death toll surges past 10,000 after most devastating day yet - Texas Border Business 20 Mar 20

Disease Experts Weigh In On Crowded Partying at Florida Beaches - Healthy Holistic Living 19 Mar 20

Clearwater draws line in sand: No admittance - Tampa Bay Times 19 Mar 20

Pinellas beaches called coronavirus risk; sheriff demands social distancing - Tampa Bay Times 18 Mar 20

Clearwater Beach will close for 2 weeks starting Monday, breaking ranks with Pinellas - Tampa Bay Times 18 Mar 20

As Long as You're Social Distancing, You Might as Well Do It Right-Here's How - Real Simple 17 Mar 20

Coronavirus Florida: Officials across Pinellas County agree to keep beaches open - Tampa Bay Times 17 Mar 20

Clearwater closes pier amid coronavirus concerns - Tampa Bay Times 17 Mar 20

The new coronavirus makes an extremely active flu season worse - Yahoo! Finance 16 Mar 20

Air travel has rapidly spread COVID-19, but industry has been reluctant to limit flights - Ricochet 14 Mar 20

ESRI sets up COVID-19 GIS Hub - Planetizen 13 Mar 20

Could the new coronavirus lead to a prolonged flu season? - AccuWeather 11 Mar 20

Experts warn the coronavirus could be the 'Hurricane Sandy of epidemics' - AccuWeather 4 Mar 20

World Health Organization Reports Global Mortality Rate for COVID-19 is 3.4% - The 4 Mar 20

We Are Ignoring One Obvious Way to Fight the Coronavirus - The New York Times Editorial Board 3 Mar 20

^^references this publication "Paid Sick Leave: Is It a Good Way to Control Epidemics?"

Biocomplexity Researchers Working with Health Officials to Predict Coronavirus' Spread - UVA Today 2 Mar 20

UVA researchers provide data tracking the coronavirus - CBS19 27 Feb 20

UVA hosts talk on coronavirus’ potential impacts - CBS19 24 Feb 20